A bench warrant is issued for the person’s arrest and the person’s name will appear in police bulletins as a fugitive. It depends on the jurisdiction, but generally, the court will also give the bail bond agency authority to arrest the fugitive.

The bail agency normally calls the person’s home, work, and other references to try to find the fugitive and convince them to appear. If these efforts are unsuccessful, the agency might employ apprehension specialists (private investigators) to arrest the fugitive.

As the guarantor, you should try and convince the fugitive to surrender themselves to the police or court as soon as possible. If the fugitive is returned to the state before actual remittance, you can usually get your collateral back.

If the fugitive does not surrender and cannot be found by the forfeiture date, the bail agency remits the entire bond to the court and proceeds with legal action to seize (if necessary) and liquidate your collateral. By law, the bail agency is required to refund any excess value they received after liquidation.

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