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Collin County Arrest & Bail Bond Guide

Welcome to Delta Bail Bond’s Collin County arrest and bail bond guide. Today, we will provide information about the Collin County Detention Facility, the communities it serves, and what to expect from the intake and bonding process. If you’re currently navigating the court system or need to know how to bail out a friend or family member- this guide is for you. 

If you have any additional questions about bail bonds, give our McKinney office a call at (972) 562-3030. Unfortunately, we aren’t equipped to provide legal advice, so please reach out to an attorney if you need help preparing a defense.

Collin County Inmate Detention Centers

There are nine jails and detention facilities in Collin County serving a population of 914,563 people, according to the County Office. The Collin County Detention Facility is located at 4300 Community Avenue in McKinney, Texas, and is considered the #1 jail in McKinney due to its maximum security status, humane environment, adult education classes, and its inmate worker program. 

If you need to determine where your loved one is incarcerated, check with the Inmate Search feature of the Collin County Detention Facility or call the jurisdiction that made the arrest.

How To Pay Bail or Post Bond in Collin County?

Making bail at the Collin County Detention Facility is simple. Judges have the power to set bail at a reasonable amount based on the alleged crime and the defendant’s flight risk. They usually consult predetermined bail schedules to arrive at an amount, but they have the freedom to raise, lower, or eliminate those amounts based on several factors. Some of the biggest: 

  • Criminal history of the defendant: habitual offenders may have to pay more or be excluded altogether
  • Nature of the crime: domestic violence and other violent offenses can be disqualifiers
  • Flight risk or history of failures to appear: a red flag that approving bail may result in another no-show
  • Whether the defendant’s release would present an imminent danger to the public

Once bail is determined, you can post the full bail amount – a “cash bond” that’s returned once the defendant shows up for their court date. You would pay this amount in person at the Collin County Detention Facility (CCDF) or the Collin County Sheriff’s office. 

Or you can use an approved Collin County bail bondsman like Delta, and obtain a surety bond for a small percentage of the total bail amount. Surety bonds entail paying a percentage of the whole amount (10-15 percent) or providing some form of collateral. The bondsman then posts the bond for you. Say the total bond amount is $1,000. You would pay $100 up front, and the bondsman would post for you. It’s usually non-refundable, but it’s also a quicker and much more affordable way to earn your release.

If you’re fortunate, the judges may also choose to release the defendant on their own recognizance if they believe the defendant will honor the court date, but that’s not a guarantee. 

Understanding Texas Jurisdictions

Determining which detention facility your inmate is being held in can be a confusing process if you don’t know where to start looking. Let’s say the person you’re searching for was arrested in the city of Anna. Anna Police do not operate their own separate jail. Their arrests are taken to Collin County Detention Facility immediately. 

Allen PD, on the other hand, detains arrestees, who were picked up on Class C misdemeanor charges. In these cases, bail details should go through the local jurisdiction. The most important thing once you learn of the arrest is to run a search for the jurisdiction’s police department. A list of the cities and towns located in Collin County is available here. If you know which city the defendant was picked up in, you can contact that jurisdiction’s police department. 

Collin County Court Information

Collin County makes it easy to find court records and information. Whether criminal, probate, magistrate, civil, family, or Justice of the Peace, it’s available online. The Criminal Case Records page allows one to search by party, date of birth, case status, and filing date. You can also search open or closed Jail Bond records – by defendant and bond company here.

Judges are elected by the people of Collin County. They oversee the following districts (13 in all):

  • 199th
  • 219th
  • 296th
  • 366th
  • 380th
  • 401st
  • 416th
  • 417th
  • 429th
  • 468th
  • 469th
  • 470th
  • 471st

The Current Roster page features all the currently serving judges within the County. Their responsibilities include overseeing proceedings for felony criminal cases, civil cases with higher amounts of controversy, and family law matters. Bond matters are typically handled by the Magistrate Court

Delta Bail Bonds: Collin County Arrest and Bail Bond Guide

One of the most important resources that an arrestee needs right away is a reputable bail bond company. Posting a cash bond for $500 or more simply isn’t within the means of many defendants, even if it can be fully reimbursed. Delta Bail has been at the top of that list for 30 years and counting with the ability to post on behalf of inmates any time of the day or night (24/7/365). Contact our McKinney Office today if you have any questions or need further assistance. 

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