Can You Bail Yourself Out of Jail in Texas?

Getting arrested can be a very stressful and embarrassing situation, especially if you have never been arrested before. Often, first time offenders feel foolish for having gotten themselves into a situation where they have been arrested. So, when it comes time to make a phone call, you might be a little confused about who you should call. Should you call a bail bondsman? Should you call a relative? A friend? You may feel reluctant to involve a family member or friend in your current situation, but can you bail yourself out of jail? Or does someone else need to do it for you? The answer may surprise you.

What is Bail?

First of all, let’s make sure you understand exactly what bail actually is. When you are arrested and charged with a crime, a trial won’t happen right away. It can take weeks or even months before you get your day in court. Bail is an amount of money that you pay to the court to be released from jail to await trial. By paying bail, you guarantee that you will appear for your trial. If you do, you can reclaim your bail money once your case is closed. Bail amounts vary based on the offense and the defendants record. If you don’t have the cash to pay bail in full, a bail bondsman can help. To get a bail bond, you pay 10% of the bail in cash and the bail bonds company guarantees the rest. You may also have to put up some kind of collateral, like a car, boat, or house, that is equal to the bail amount.

Who Can Post Bail?

To answer our original question, yes; you can bail yourself out. However, there are some limitations. In order to bail yourself out, you need to have the full amount of bail on your person at the time of the arrest. Depending on your offense, that may be quite a lot of money. If you don’t have the funds to bail yourself out, you can turn to a loved one for help. If they don’t have the funds to pay your bail in full, you or your loved one can get a bail bond to secure your release. It can be difficult to ask for help in a situation like this, but if you are fortunate enough to have friends and family who love you, they will most likely help you get back on your feet.

What Comes Next?

After you post bail, you will be released within a few hours, depending on the jail and how busy they are. Upon release, you will be notified of any conditions of your bail. Depending on your offense, you may be required to stay within state lines, refrain from alcohol and drugs, participate in a treatment program, for example. Between your release and your trial, focus your efforts on being a model citizen. Work with your attorney on your defense, go to work or school regularly, and show that you are on the road to living safely and legally. Your ability to show that you are bettering yourself may help you at trial.

We’re Here For You!

At Delta Bail Bonds, we’re more than a financial resource. We can help you and your family navigate your arrest and the bail system with ease. Don’t make a stressful time more difficult. Let us help! Give us a call and get out of jail fast!

Tips for a Safe and Legal Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend is almost here. After a long, hot summer spent mostly indoors, many people are ready to celebrate. Labor Day is a holiday that celebrates American workers and recognizes their hard work and achievements. We began celebrating Labor Day in the late 1800’s during the Industrial Revolution.  President Grover Cleveland made Labor Day a national holiday in 1894 after many years of the Labor Movement. The Labor Movement was born out of the Industrial Revolution and the poor working conditions of the time. Most factory workers at the time worked 7 days a week for 12 hours each day, and were still only able to make a basic living. After many years and much hard work by organizers, lawmakers began to make changes and conditions improved. Today, we celebrate Labor Day with parades, parties, and barbecues. Here are some tips to keep yourself safe and out of trouble this holiday weekend.

Labor Day and COVID-19

This is the first Labor Day in our lifetimes that we will celebrate in the midst of a global pandemic. Fortunately, many of the steps you take to protect yourself from COVID-19 will also help protect you from legal pitfalls. The safest way to celebrate is at home, with members of your own household. If you do choose to gather with others, try to limit those events to less than 10 people, and maintain social distancing. Continue to wear masks when possible and wash hands often. Avoid large gatherings and crowded public places, such as malls and crowded indoor spaces. Gathering in parks and outdoor spaces is safer than being indoors, but it’s still important to social distance.

Travel Safety

If you’re traveling this weekend, be extra cautious on the roads. Police officers will be on high alert this weekend to make sure drivers are safe on the road, so it’s important for you to take extra precautions as well. Make sure your vehicle is fully compliant with legal requirements in your area. Make sure registration and insurance are up to date and you have proof with you. When you hit the road, make sure all passengers are wearing their seat belts. Finally, make sure anyone driving is fully licensed and has no outstanding warrants.

Alcohol Safety

On any holiday, one of the biggest risks to safety is drinking and driving. It is always important to avoid drunk driving at all costs, but it is even more serious on a holiday weekend. Law enforcement often sets up sobriety checkpoints on holiday weekends to get more drunk drivers off the roads. This, combined with increased traffic, makes an especially risky situation for drinking and driving. If you are drinking at home, it is still important to designate a driver. Even if no one plans to leave, someone may need to go to a store if you run out of something. You should also make sure someone is sober in case of emergency. If you are outside your home, you should absolutely not drive if you have been drinking. Designate a driver, take a ride share home, or stay the night with a friend or family member.

We’re Open Labor Day

We hope we don’t see you this weekend. However, if you or someone you know does find themselves on the wrong side of the law this weekend, we’re here to help. We can help you post bail and get home quickly. Don’t take additional risks with your freedom. Choose a trusted, experienced bail bondsman with a proven track record. Trust us at Delta Bail Bonds.

Safe Alternatives to Drunk Driving

Everyone has a part to play in keeping drunk drivers off the road. This includes taking safety measures like always buckling yourself in, calling the police if you suspect a drunk driver is on the road, and making sure you never get behind the wheel when you’re drunk. Delta Bail Bonds cares about the safety of you and your family, which is why we’ve put together a list of alternatives to driving drunk.

Have a Designated Driver

If you’re going out with a group of friends, decide on a designated driver before you start drinking. Regular drinking buddies can rotate this responsibility to ensure everyone has a chance to have fun, but make sure somebody has agreed to stay sober and drive everyone home.

Use a Ridesharing App, Taxi, or Public Transit

For solo drinkers or smaller groups, a designated driver might not be possible. In that case, rely on an app like Uber or Lyft, get a taxi, or take public transportation to your drinking spot and then back home. This might not be the most comfortable option, but it’s still better than driving home drunk.

Wait a Few Hours

If you really need to drive home, wait for the alcohol to run its course. You can use an online calculator to estimate your intoxication and how long it’ll take to sober up, but we recommend waiting a minimum of two or three hours. If alcohol changes your perception of time, set an alarm on your phone. Order some food at the bar or a nearby restaurant, go see a movie, or take a long walk around town to pass the time. Drink a lot of water and snack on calorie-dense foods like meat and cheese, which will help the alcohol metabolize and leave your system. Only drive home once you feel completely sober.

Spend the Night at a Friend’s Place

What if you’re too far from home or drinking at a friend’s house? Ask to spend the night at a nearby friend or family member’s house if you can’t make it home. This is the best option if you’re extremely intoxicated, since you’ll have at least one person there to help you if anything goes wrong. Alcohol can have a lot of unexpected consequences, some of which could get you sent to the hospital. It’s best to be surrounded by other people in case you lose consciousness or get sick.

Always Have a Plan

Most importantly, never go drinking without a plan. Use the tips we’ve outlined to plan your night of drinking, and always make a backup plan just in case something goes wrong. No matter how you decide to get home, never get behind the wheel unless you’re completely sober.

Delta Bail Bonds can Help

At Delta Bail Bonds, we care about you and your family. That’s why we’re available 24/7 to bail your loved ones out of any jail in the country. We handle all kinds of bail bonds, including DUI and DWI bonds. Our talented bail bondsmen will walk you through the difficult legal process and bail your loved one out, all at a percentage of the cost you’d have to pay to the court. Call or visit our website for more information on how we can help you!

How to Help Your Child After an Arrest

Being arrested can be a scary and traumatic experience for any child, and it’s important for parents to be as patient and understanding as possible. Supporting your child through the scary reality of the legal process can improve the trust your child has in you, which can strengthen your relationship. Here’s how you can help your child who’s been arrested. 

Look for the Right Lawyer

Instead of a typical defense attorney, you’ll need to find one who specializes in juvenile defense. Juvenile defense attorneys are trained to navigate the unique legal process designed for children, which is usually much more nuanced and complicated than the system designed for adults. A trustworthy juvenile defense attorney is your child’s best bet at leaving the trial with a clean record, while an attorney with little experience can do the opposite. The right attorney will also be able to explain everything to your child in terms they can understand.

Remind Your Child to Remain Silent

Even if you know your child is already aware of their right to remain silent, it’s still a good idea to remind them. Your child is under no obligation to give the police any information without an attorney there to help. An attorney’s job is to advise the defendant throughout the legal process, which includes any police interactions. Remind your child that answering police questions without a lawyer can have serious consequences on your trial and the outcome of your case. Tell your child to be respectful and cooperative to the police at all times, but to not answer any questions until an attorney can help. 

Listen to Your Child’s Probation Officer

After your child is detained, a probation officer will be assigned to decide what happens next. The first court hearing should happen within two days of being detained, and afterwards the probation officer will write a report recommending a course of action. Depending on your child’s record, health, behavior, and other factors, the probation officer will either recommend release, house arrest, or further detainment of your child. If your child is released, they’ll have to meet the requirements of the probation officer. This includes good school attendance, good grades, and no criminal activity. 

Give the Court any Important Information

The court won’t be able to give your child’s case a fair look unless you do everything you can to paint an accurate picture of your child. Give the court proof of any mental illnesses or learning disabilities your child has, since this will change the way your child’s case is handled. You could also try collecting character letters from family members and teachers about who your child really is. These letters are always reviewed by the court, and they could entirely change the outcome of your child’s trial.

Bail Family Members out Fast with Delta Bail Bonds

If your family member has been arrested, Delta Bail Bonds can help. We’re available 24/7 to post bail anywhere in the country, and we work hard to take care of your case as soon as possible. Our experienced bail bondsmen can help you navigate the complicated legal process with ease, so call or visit our website today!

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