Labor Day weekend is almost here. After a long, hot summer spent mostly indoors, many people are ready to celebrate. Labor Day is a holiday that celebrates American workers and recognizes their hard work and achievements. We began celebrating Labor Day in the late 1800’s during the Industrial Revolution.  President Grover Cleveland made Labor Day a national holiday in 1894 after many years of the Labor Movement. The Labor Movement was born out of the Industrial Revolution and the poor working conditions of the time. Most factory workers at the time worked 7 days a week for 12 hours each day, and were still only able to make a basic living. After many years and much hard work by organizers, lawmakers began to make changes and conditions improved. Today, we celebrate Labor Day with parades, parties, and barbecues. Here are some tips to keep yourself safe and out of trouble this holiday weekend.

Labor Day and COVID-19

This is the first Labor Day in our lifetimes that we will celebrate in the midst of a global pandemic. Fortunately, many of the steps you take to protect yourself from COVID-19 will also help protect you from legal pitfalls. The safest way to celebrate is at home, with members of your own household. If you do choose to gather with others, try to limit those events to less than 10 people, and maintain social distancing. Continue to wear masks when possible and wash hands often. Avoid large gatherings and crowded public places, such as malls and crowded indoor spaces. Gathering in parks and outdoor spaces is safer than being indoors, but it’s still important to social distance.

Travel Safety

If you’re traveling this weekend, be extra cautious on the roads. Police officers will be on high alert this weekend to make sure drivers are safe on the road, so it’s important for you to take extra precautions as well. Make sure your vehicle is fully compliant with legal requirements in your area. Make sure registration and insurance are up to date and you have proof with you. When you hit the road, make sure all passengers are wearing their seat belts. Finally, make sure anyone driving is fully licensed and has no outstanding warrants.

Alcohol Safety

On any holiday, one of the biggest risks to safety is drinking and driving. It is always important to avoid drunk driving at all costs, but it is even more serious on a holiday weekend. Law enforcement often sets up sobriety checkpoints on holiday weekends to get more drunk drivers off the roads. This, combined with increased traffic, makes an especially risky situation for drinking and driving. If you are drinking at home, it is still important to designate a driver. Even if no one plans to leave, someone may need to go to a store if you run out of something. You should also make sure someone is sober in case of emergency. If you are outside your home, you should absolutely not drive if you have been drinking. Designate a driver, take a ride share home, or stay the night with a friend or family member.

We’re Open Labor Day

We hope we don’t see you this weekend. However, if you or someone you know does find themselves on the wrong side of the law this weekend, we’re here to help. We can help you post bail and get home quickly. Don’t take additional risks with your freedom. Choose a trusted, experienced bail bondsman with a proven track record. Trust us at Delta Bail Bonds.

Tips for a Safe and Legal Labor Day Weekend

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