When someone you know has been arrested you want to help them the best you can. They may turn to you for help in posting their bail. If you agree to help them, you will have the option to either pay the full bail amount directly to the court or jail or to use the services of a bail bondsman. When you sign a bail bond contract with a licensed bail bond company, you become known as the “indemnitor”. This means that you are assuming responsibility to the court and the bail agent.

A Bail Bond Is A Legal Contract

As the signer of a bail bond contract, you are guaranteeing that the defendant will show up for court. The most important thing is for you to make sure that your loved one appears in court on the appointed day and time. This is imperative, as you will lose your premium payment if this does not occur. As payer of the bond payment, it is your responsibility to ensure that this happens.

Bail Conditions

Sometimes, there are conditions that the offender must follow while out on bail. Common conditions include abstaining from alcohol, participating in drug or alcohol treatment programs, anger management, or work requirements. If the offense involved a vehicle, it’s possible that your friend or family member will be unable to drive. Therefore, one way that you can help would be to offer to drive them to their treatment programs or to work. Not only will following the conditions of bail help their case, it will also help them get their life back on track. 

Are There Alternative Punishments To Jail?

In serious cases the result is sentences of incarceration, but in some cases, the court will consider alternative forms of punishment, including probation and task referral (which is part of the probation process). They may also issue house arrest, community service, an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal, or a conditional discharge.

You need to continue with your employment if at all possible. If you are not allowed to return to your home or if there are pre-trial release conditions, you need to meet those first. If you do not meet those established court rulings, then that could be a contempt of court situation. The court can offer recommendations for counseling, anger management, drug and alcohol addiction classes, and if you attend and complete those programs, no jail time may be a condition of your release. There are different things you can do between now and your trial date.

You need to trust your attorney to prepare the legal things necessary. Trust your attorney to guide you through the entire process. Your attorney is trying to provide and prepare the best evidence for settlement negotiations or sentencing.

Delta Bail Bonds is Here For You

At Delta Bail Bonds, we’re more than a financial resource. We are here to help you and your family navigate your arrest and the bail system with ease. Don’t make a stressful time more difficult. Let us help! Give us a call and get out of jail fast!

You’ve Bailed Them Out, Now What?

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