An arrest can be a chaotic experience, especially if it’s something you’ve never dealt with before. If your loved one has been incarcerated, you may not know where to start looking for them. A bail bond company can assist you throughout the entire process. Here at Delta Bail Bonds, are bondsmen have years of experience and know the ins and outs of the justice system. We can assist you in finding where your loved one is incarcerated, provide the financial support to bail them out, and keep your loved one on track with all the court hearings. If your loved one has been arrested in Dallas, Texas, get in touch with Delta Bail Bonds right away.

Locate Family or Friend That Has Been Arrested

It may be difficult to find out where your loved one has been taken on your own. As soon as you get the chance, give our bondsmen a call. We can give you almost all the information you will need. We can tell you where they are located, whether they have been granted bail, what the amount is, whether a surety bond is allowed, as well as provide you a bond.

Have a Professional On Your Side

When you hire a bail bond company, our professional bondsmen will be right by your side. The judicial system can be very confusing. Our bondsmen will alleviate some of the stress by explaining the process to you and helping you navigate through it. Our bondsmen will let you know what your loved one’s rights are and what the limitations of the law are.

Additionally, our experienced agents will let you know what to expect, how you can prepare, protect your assets and your loved one, and provide an overall layout of the legal process.

Grant a Speedy Release

If your loved one is granted bail, they need to pay the full amount before they can be released. The judge only accepts cash or bail bonds. The amount is usually set very high, and most people don’t have the cash to set themselves free without any help. They end up relying on you. But what if you don’t have the cash either? How will you help them get released quickly? 

That’s where a bail bond company comes is. Delta Bail Bonds can grant your loved one a speedy release with just a small percentage of the bail amount. Once that is paid, we will cover the rest. Additionally, our bondsmen have developed contacts within the justice system, which can help speed up the process. When you have us on your team, we can grant your loved one a speedy release.

Keep Your Finances Private

If you were to try and pay for the bail amount in cash, the court may ask you for proof of your income earnings. They want to ensure that the money was earned legally, especially because large amounts of cash can be suspicious. Instead of having to prove where your income is coming from, you can get a bail bond for just a small percentage of the total bail amount. And you don’t need to pay in cash either. There will be no questions asked of where the money was earned.

Delta Bail Bonds Is Here to Help in Dallas, Texas

If your loved one was arrested in Dallas, Texas, don’t hesitate to call. We will help you locate your loved one, assist you throughout the legal and bail process, and provide a speedy release. To learn more about how we can help you, get in touch with Delta Bail Bonds today.

Why Should You Hire a Bail Bond Company in Dallas, Texas?

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