After you make bail, you need to find a reputable criminal defense attorney. It doesn’t matter if you’re guilty or innocent, hiring the right lawyer can make all the difference. How do you choose the right criminal defense attorney? Let’s look at a few tips to help make sure you get the best legal team on your side.


Ask around for references to find a lawyer that they’d recommend. Also, research online reviews that will give you a good picture of how they work with their clients. Even the best lawyer will have a few negative reviews, you’ll want to make sure the general opinion about the lawyer you’re considering is positive. You can discover more about a lawyer’s reputation by researching reviews, testimonials, and publications.

Concentration in Criminal Law

There are different types of law, including civil law, corporate law, bankruptcy law, and criminal law. You need to find someone who specializes in criminal law. Many criminal defense attorneys take on routine defense cases, many will often specialize in a specific area of criminal defense. You want a lawyer that is familiar with the laws and practices relevant to your case. If possible, find a lawyer with experience in your particular situation. For example, some lawyers specialize in DUI charges while others specialize in violent crime. The more experience your attorney has in cases like your own, the better they will be at defending you. Be weary if the lawyer seems over-confident or promises certain outcomes. An experienced lawyer will not promise you that you’ll win your case or immediately suggest a course of action.

Get to Know the Team

Find out about the entire team who would represent you. Large firms may assign your case to someone low on the totem pole while the top lawyers are busy with other clients. It’s understandable that assistants and interns may work on researching your case, but you should know who will be representing you on your court date.


The cost of private lawyers varies. It is in your best interest to have an understanding of what will affect the cost. Most attorneys charge based on various factors. These factors include their level of experience, the nature of the charges, the complexity of the case, the jurisdiction in which the charges were filed, the length of the case, and whether or not expert witnesses are required. A less experienced attorney may offer a lower rate than a more experienced lawyer, however, you should expect to pay a reasonable fee. 

Public Defender or Private Attorney

The sixth amendment guarantees your right to an attorney. If you can’t afford one the court will appoint a lawyer. Though public defenders will often have more experience with a variety of cases, they are not like a private attorney that specializes in a specific area of criminal defense. Public defenders can also be overloaded with cases, so it’s good to get a private attorney if possible.

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