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By now, most of us know what we need to do to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe from COVID-19. Social distancing, self-quarantine, and ritualistic hand-washing are more important than ever right now, but staying safe and flattening the curve are nearly impossible for inmates. Some counties and states have started releasing inmates in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, but Dallas County hasn’t followed their lead — and it might cost the lives of dozens of inmates. 

How COVID-19 is Dangerous to Inmates

Inmates don’t have the privilege of self-isolating and scaling up their hygiene and disinfection efforts. Staying 6 feet apart is nearly impossible in a crowded cell pod, and the regularly filthy conditions of jails makes them the perfect breeding grounds for deadly viruses. Hand sanitizer is considered contraband in most jails, so inmates don’t even have the luxury of keeping their hands clean. The conditions of jails have never been very humane, but more needs to be done to keep inmates safe in the time of this serious, deadly pandemic.

Greg Abbott’s Recent Changes

Recently, Governor Greg Abbott passed an executive order which would make things even worse for inmates. He ordered that any arrestee with a violent offense on their record not be released unless they could pay their entire bail amount. This order keeps more inmates in jail without a way to keep themselves protected from COVID-19. Even if this order was passed with the hope of keeping the public safe, the result will be more infections and deaths in Texas prisons. 

What Should be Done?

At least 7 inmates in the Dallas County Jail have contracted COVID-19, and countless workers are being quarantined. Due to poor hygiene, crowded cells, and lack of proper testing, COVID-19 has been proven to spread faster in jails and prisons than it does among the general population. Simply releasing a percentage of inmates in Dallas jails could save lives, but choosing not to take this step might cause the sickness and death of countless inmates, guards, and officers. With this virus, nobody is safe. Releasing inmates so they can self-isolate would save lives. The longer Dallas County waits, the worse things will get. 

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Texas Jails Release Inmates to Curtail COVID-19, But Are They Moving Fast Enough?

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