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Halloween time comes with a bunch of spooks. Whether you are the culprit of those spooks or the victim, changes the story completely. Has there been a nightmare on your street? Were you the cause of that nightmare? Home burglaries are popular in the United States. There are 2.5 million burglaries a year, with over half of them being home burglaries. If you have contributed to this statistic, then you are most likely in jail. If that’s the case, get in touch with Delta Bail Bonds today. We can grant you a speedy release, so you can build your defense team for court.

The 3 Ways of Committing Burglary

In Texas, there are three different ways of committing burglary. The first way is by entering a building or home with the intent to commit a felony, theft, or assault. The second way is by remaining concealed in a building with the intent to commit a felony, theft, or assault. And the third way is by entering a building and attempting, whether successfully or unsuccessfully, to commit a felony, theft, or assault.

What Is a Burglary of a Habitation?

Burglary of a habitation carries the harshest level of punishment than any other burglary. The term “habitation” is broad and includes any structure or vehicle that is used for overnight accommodations. If it has the basic necessities of water, heat, electricity, and some furniture, it can be considered a habitation. Therefore, burgling a house, an apartment, a dorm room, a mobile home, or an RV carries the harshest consequences.

Consequences of Home Burglaries

Burglary of a habitation is a first- or second-degree felony, depending on the intended or attempted crime.

First-Degree Felony

You are charged with a first-degree felony if a burglary involves a habitation and a crime other than theft. This can include sexual assault, kidnapping, or assault. You can have a fine of up to $10,000 and a prison sentence ranging from 5 to 99 years.

Second-Degree Felony

You are charged with a second-degree felony if it involves a burglary of a habitation and the intended crime is theft or misdemeanor assault. You can be fined up to $10,000 and/or get a prison sentence ranging from 2 to 20 years.

Get a Bail Bond Fast

Delta Bail Bonds offers help for anyone accused of home burglaries. We will provide you with a speedy bail bond so you can post bail and await trial from home. This will give you the opportunity to build your defense team and be prepared for your court date. 

All you need to do is pay a small percentage of the bail amount, and our team will cover the rest. As long as you show up to all of your court dates, there will be no extra charges or trouble. However, if you miss the court date, you will get arrested again and possibly lose the opportunity for bail again. That’s why Delta Bail Bonds sends regular reminders of your court dates to keep you on track.

End Your Nightmare with Delta Bail Bonds

Let’s get you out of jail fast! Delta Bail Bonds works around the clock to get you out as quickly as possible. We are available any day of the year and at any time. And don’t worry, we keep your information confidential. Give us a call today!

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