Citizen’s Arrest Explained
You have probably heard the term citizen’s arrest before, and although it sounds pretty self-explanatory, the verbiage can produce a foggy understanding. What a citizen’s arrest does
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How Does Being a Flight Risk Affect Bail?
You may have heard the term “flight risk” if you’ve watched any amount of law-and-order or courtroom movies. While the term comes up frequently, you may be
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3 True Crime Podcasts To Check Out
If you’re a fan of true crime podcasts, you might have been keeping up with the case of Adnan Sayed, whose case was featured on the first
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Celebrities Out On Bail
If you need the help of a Dallas bail bondsman, call Delta Bail for rapid release. Here are a few times celebrities required the help of their
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What Is An Arraignment In Texas?
Every defendant goes through an arraignment, which we will go into in this blog post!
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Do You Really Need A Bondsman?
Do you really need a bondsman? If you or a loved one is in jail you may be wondering, and the answer is yes.
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elderly crime
Criminal Behavior Among the Elderly
If you need a bail bond, get in touch with our team today!
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private attorney
Should You Stick With a Public Defender or Hire a Private Attorney?
Here are the differences between a private attorney and a public defender
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Can you bail yourself out of jail?
Bailing yourself out of jail may seem like a faster way to regain your freedom. But it’s also a decision that can come with an array of
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Life Moves to Make While You Are Out On Bail
Getting out on bail offers temporary relief from what can be a long and depleting process. However, making the right moves once you’re released will get you
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Strategies to Keep Your Job After Being Arrested
Dallas Public Defender’s handle more than 30,000 cases each year for people who cannot afford cash bail or a private attorney. For many of these individuals, there’s
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Bail Bonds and Privacy: How Working With a Bondsman Protects It
One question we often get here at Delta Bail Bonds is, can I remain anonymous when posting bail? You’ve certainly got cause to be concerned about it.
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bail out
Reasons to Bail a Loved One Out of Jail
If your loved one is in jail, here are reasons to bail them out.
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out on bail
Out On Bail- What You Can and Can’t Do
If you are out on bail, here are some rules to keep in mind.
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bail process
Common Mistakes During the Bail Process That Can Come Back to Haunt You
If you need a bail bond or need assistance during the bail process, get in touch with Delta Bail Bonds right away.
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skip bail
Reasons You Should Never Skip Bail: Everything You Need to Know
If you are thinking about skipping bail, think twice. That will have some dire consequences for your case.
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Bail bond documentation and a gavel are pictured. This image represents an article about PRB alternatives.
Help! Dallas County Won’t Issue a PRB: What Are My Options?
If you don't qualify for a PR Bond, Delta has more affordable options for you! Read to learn more.
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A jail cell that shows the squalor inmates may have to live in at correctional facilities.
Delta Bail: Do Texas Correctional Facilities Help or Hurt Inmates?
The Bureau of Justice Statistics reported that 340 people in state prisons and 355 people in federal prisons committed suicide in 2019. Could this be due to
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bail bond company
Why Should You Hire a Bail Bond Company in Dallas, Texas?
If your loved one is stuck in jail, get in touch with Delta Bail Bonds today!
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handcuffs and books
Arrested Before Receiving that Diploma? Here’s How to Deal with Arrest in Dallas, Texas
If you need a bail bond in Dallas, Texas, get in touch with Delta Bail Bonds today.
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