There are plenty of things that can determine how a bail amount is set in the state of Texas. But first, it’s useful to know the basics of what bail is. Basically, it’s the sum of money you pay to be able to await trial at home. However, not all arrests can result in bail, and you won’t always be able to pay the bail amount yourself. So, let’s learn about how bail is set and what your options are.

Bail Depends on The Type of Arrest

When talking about the bail amount, it’s important to note that it won’t always be the same. Again, several factors will play a role here. However, the most important one is the severity of the crime. In the state of Texas, misdemeanors and less severe crimes can entail a bond ranging from $1,000 to around $3,000. On the other hand, suspected murders can warrant as much as $1,000,000. So, if you get arrested or if your loved one needs your help with bailing them out, you should be prepared and not surprised when you see a few more zeros on the check than you expected.

It’s Up to the Judge

Bail hearing is the time when you’ll be facing the judge. Usually, the bail amount will stay within the mentioned ranges. However, it’s really up to the judge to decide on the amount. 

No two crimes can have the same circumstances. The judge will have to determine what they think is the appropriate punishment after hearing your side of the story. So, they can decide to keep you in jail until your trial, or you might be given the option to post bail to await trial from home. When it comes to less severe crimes, the judge will usually stick to setting bail, so jail time is something you shouldn’t worry about.

Bail Options

There are several things you can do when it comes to making bail. What most people opt for is having a family member post it for them. It works just as you would imagine it — someone you know will have to come and pay it for you.

Additionally, if your relatives cannot help you, you can look for a bail bond company. In that case, a bail agent will come and post the bail for you. Don’t forget that this only means that you’re able to wait for your court date out of jail. If you fail to appear in court, the judge can order another arrest.

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