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With the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, jail is one of the worst places to be. Instead of making efforts to thin the populations of jails and prisons, Governor Greg Abbott has decided to make it even harder for inmates to get out on bail. With his new executive order, Governor Abbott has made it impossible for violent offenders to get out on bail unless they can pay their entire bail at once. This order is dangerous to inmates, and it proves that inmates are a low priority to the Texas government.

COVID-19 Spreads Faster Among Jail Populations

The conditions of jails make them a danger to inmates, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Small, overcrowded cells make it impossible for inmates to keep 6 feet of distance between them. Poor sanitation makes almost every surface in jail cells a hazard, and the lack of access to hand sanitizer means inmates can’t keep themselves clean and safe. Combined with the compromised immune system of inmates who smoke or abuse drugs and the struggle to get proper health care, it’s no wonder the virus is proven to spread faster among inmates in jails and prisons. 

What the Executive Order Means

Governor Abbott’s executive order states that anyone who has ever been arrested for a violent offense will not be able to get bailed out unless they can pay their entire bail. Even if you aren’t currently being held in jail for a violent offense, any violence on your record means you can’t get bailed out unless you can pay the entire bail immediately. This order is unfair to inmates with low income, as well as inmates without family who can help them. It also specifically targets violent offenders without accounting for the circumstances of the offense. With this order, more inmates will be unnecessarily held in an unsafe environment and have to risk exposure to COVID-19. Government officials have spoken up about the order and questioned whether or not it’s even constitutional, but until someone officially challenges it, the order will stay in place.

Are Bail Bonds an Essential Service?

The good news is that bail bonds have been deemed an essential service. If you haven’t been arrested for a violent offense, you still have the chance to get bailed out. Bail is more important now than ever. If non-violent inmates bail themselves out, they’re reducing the risk for inmates who can’t leave. You’ll also be keeping yourself safe from exposure to the virus, and you’ll be able to get back to your life. 

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Greg Abbott Forbids Bailouts for Violent Offenders During Pandemic

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