If you or a loved one has recently gotten arrested in Fort Worth, Texas, Delta Bail Bonds can help you out. We have been serving the entire Dallas-Fort Worth area for many years. Our bondsmen have handled all types of convictions and have granted speedy releases to our clients. We offer complete confidentiality and our bondsmen will be with you throughout the entire bail process. Get an affordable bail bond with us today.

What Happens After You Have Been Arrested?

You will be taken to the nearest city jail after you have been arrested, which in your case is Fort Worth, Texas. There, the authorities will take your fingerprints and photograph. Then, your documents will be documented and you will be assigned a cell. You will also be given an arraignment date. This is the date that the judge tells you what you have been convicted of and if you qualify for bail. If that’s the case, you will also be told what the total bail amount is. Not many people can afford to pay bail upfront. The authorities only accept cash and it has to be on you or from a relative or friend. Most people don’t have thousands of dollars lying around and the bail amount is usually set very high. Therefore, you need a more affordable solution. That’s where Delta Bail Bonds comes in with an affordable bail bond.

What Is a Bail Bond?

A bail bond is granted by a bail bond company and is given to the authorities on your behalf. It’s an agreement that releases you from jail, but ensures that you will show up to all of your court dates and trial. The bail bond company is responsible for your presence in court. If you don’t show up, you will need to pay the entire bail amount plus additional fees. Not to mention, you will get arrested again and may get charged additional penalties.

How Do You Receive a Bail Bond?

There are a couple of factors that influence your ability to qualify for bail. Your flight risk, the severity of the crime, and your past criminal record are a couple of them. If you have strong ties to your community, such as a job or you are attending school, then you are less likely to run away. If you committed a minor crime or misdemeanor and it was your first offense, you are more likely to qualify for bail. So, if the judge grants you bail, you should get in touch with Delta Bail Bonds for an affordable bail bond.

Delta Bail Bonds Is Here for You

With just paying a small percentage of the bail amount, you can secure a bail bond with us. We will cover the rest. Our bondsmen know the ins and outs of the justice system, which is why we can ensure a speedy release. We offer a variety of payment options to make our bonds as affordable as possible. If you have been arrested in Fort Worth, Texas, or in neighboring cities, get in touch with our bondsmen right away. Our team will get working on your case as soon as you call.

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