This may be a question you find asking yourself if you or a loved one is in jail, and the answer is yes. You always should get a bail bond when posting bail. Even if you can afford bail, there are benefits that come along with getting help from a Dallas bondsman. Get a bail bond and get out of jail fast.

What A Bail Bond Is

First, what is bail? It is the money required by the jail to get you or your friend out of jail while waiting for the court hearing. This money is returned once the court has settled the matter and the defendant has appeared for all necessary hearings and court dates. Without posting bail, you or your loved one will wait for the court hearing in jail. A bondsman is a middleman of sorts between the family of the arrested and the court. 

Benefits Of A Bail Bond 

One of the benefits of getting the help of a bail bondsman is they will help keep the person in need of bail accountable for showing up to court hearings. 

Posting bail can be expensive and the help of a bondsman can be very beneficial. The point of this is so that you don’t have to be inconvenienced by paying out of pocket. You only pay a certain amount to the bail bondsman as a type of security deposit or collateral. 

This is a swift process so your loved one can spend the least amount of time in jail as possible. Get your loved one a get out of jail card with a bail bond. 

It is very important to make sure the arrested person appears for their court hearings. If they fail to show up, the family will not receive the money posted for bail back from the court. 

In the case where a bail bondsman is involved, the bondsman will act as a bounty hunter to return the person to the court within the grace period. If the bondsman is unable to retrieve the person, they will keep the collateral or cash from the family and will lose the money posted for bail. 

Types Of Bail Bond

There are four types of bail bonds in Texas: property bonds, surety bonds, personal recognizance bonds, and attorney bonds. 

The most commonly used type of bail bond is a surety bond, where the bondsman pays the bail for the person in jail and the family usually pays about 10% of the total bail amount as collateral to the bondsman. The bondsman will lose the money they put up for your loved ones’ bail as well if they fail to show up. 

A property bond is reserved for people who are not using a bail bondsman, and instead use their property, such as a house, to post bail for their loved one. This usually causes the bail to cost more. Next, there is personal recognizance. This bond type happens when the court agrees to allow the arrested to get out of jail on no bail. Finally, there’s an attorney bond, when the attorney working on the case is allowed to post the bail. 

Dallas Bondsman Is Here To Help You

Delta Bail Bonds has a local Dallas bondsman ready to help your family or friend get out of jail quickly. There are many benefits to working with someone who knows the law well and can offer you help or advice in a tumultuous time. Call Delta Bail Bonds in their Dallas office for more information at 214-526-4272, or if you need help to get out of jail now, visit their website for service around the clock 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Do You Really Need A Bondsman?

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