Although the elderly are less likely to be arrested than the younger people, there are some common trends among this older crowd. Delta Bail Bonds will go over the typical criminal behavior, as well as the different reasons the elderly commit these crimes. And if you have been arrested yourself, give us a call and our bondsman will grant you a speedy release!

What Are the Common Crimes?

The older crowd doesn’t really get involved with criminal groups, such as bikers or street gangs. They are also less likely to act violently against others. However, crime rates amongst the elderly are increasing globally. So what are they committing? Let’s find out. 

Alcohol and Drug-Related Matters

As you age, you may become a better driver and cause fewer accidents, but the elderly are still just as likely to get a DUI. Their age makes it easier for alcohol to remain in their bodies for longer, which increases the risk of them driving while impaired. Most seniors consume alcohol in moderation, but their medications can include side effects of inebriation. This causes the effect of alcohol consumption to be more pronounced.


The older you get, the more you can feel like the world owes you, or like you don’t owe it anything now. After all, you’ve been on this planet for decades. Do you really need to pay for that watch? Some seniors feel like they can get away with just about anything. Whose going to stop a grandfather at the store and ask them to empty out their pockets? 

On the other hand, the older population can struggle financially and feel a sense of helplessness due to their age. Therefore, they can resort to shoplifting when it comes to essential needs.


Larceny is similar to shoplifting in the sense that it is a form of theft. However, larceny is the theft of personal property (instead of stealing from a store), and no force or violence is used. Apart from financial hardships, the elderly may act out in this criminal behavior due to psychological problems, boredom, and loss of prestige upon retirement.


When we talk about kidnapping, we don’t mean like a Hansel and Gretel situation, attracting little kids into your home by bribing them with candy. Instead, grandparents can get charged with kidnapping their grandchild by taking them against the parents’ wishes. 


As you get older, you can be more opinionated and loud about voicing your opinions. The elderly can get charged for harassment if they cause a public scene by being loud and demanding. Security can get called on them, or even worse, the cops are only a call away.

Delta Bail Bonds Has You Covered

If you, or someone you know, has been arrested for this criminal behavior, or any similar crimes, Delta Bail Bonds has you covered. We all make mistakes, and everyone deserves a second chance. Our bondsmen know the ins and outs of the justice system, and they can bail you out in no time. As soon as you call, our bondsmen will get working on your case.

Criminal Behavior Among the Elderly

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