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At Delta Bail Bonds, we can help with prompt, professional and confidential Grand Prairie bail bonds application and make sure your loved one is released as promptly as humanly possible.  We have the background to assist and deal with any felony, misdemeanor or traffic related bail bonds with fast approvals.  Delta has the availability of simple payment plans with no credit checks as well.

What is the process when someone get’s arrested in Grand Prairie and I need a bail bond?

When a person is arrested they will be taken to the Grand Prairie jail for immediate booking. At the jail, the person who was arrested will have their fingerprints taken, their will be searched, and mug shot photographed and after all that, they are formally booked in. The person will be put in a detainment cell and will stay there until a bail bond is posted.  The detainee will stand before a judge for arraignment and to go over the formal charges and if possible, have the terms of their bail set.  The arraignment process usually happens several hours after the arrest, depending on if it is a weekend, night time or a holiday.  Usually, the only offenses the Grand Prairie Jail handles has to do with misdemeanors, DWI and felonies.

Jail Release from Grand Prairie, Texas Jail

After processing, the person who was booked in may possibly be released on a Grand Prairie Bail Bond. These types of bail bonds can be posted at any time. There is a possibility that some defendants may be denied bail, which would result in the person staying in jail indefinitely.

Getting a Bail Bond for Grand Prairie Texas

Delta can assist you in getting a Grand Prairie Bail Bond 24 hours a day.  At Delta Bail Bonds we have 24 years of experience in the bail industry and understand the Grand Prairie jail system and are pros at handling all types of Bail Bonds.

We understand that you will want to go through this stressful process quickly.  With that said, understand, it is important to learn about the process and please read bail bonds consumer tips and learn what to watch out for and how the Grand Prairie bail bonds system works.  At Delta Bail, we are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Author: Mark Monroe

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