If you have ever turned on the news, you may have seen a celebrity getting arrested a time or two. Celebrity status aside, if you need the help of a Dallas bail bondsman, call Delta Bail for rapid release. Here are a few times celebrities required the help of their local bail bondsman, and a few who shelled out the cash on their own. 

We recommend always getting help from a bondsman as we will remind you of court dates and you won’t have to stress about paying your bail and bills. We are familiar with the process and have experienced bondsmen ready to help get you back to your normal life. If you are out on bail, don’t forget to appear at your hearings so you can remain free.

O.J. Simpson

Simpson was arrested and charged with the double murder of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman in 1994. No bail was set prior to release for his first arrest regarding the murders. He awaited his trial in jail and was eventually acquitted of the crimes. 

Later in his 2007, he found himself in jail again under a robbery and kidnapping arrest, his bail was set to a quarter of a million dollars. Not even his celebrity status could save him from the trouble he had gotten himself into. 

Lindsey Lohan

This celebrity is well recognized for her drug abuse and many trips to jail. In one of her arrests, she requested the help of a bondsman with her $300,000 bail and paid $75,000. She has been arrested for theft, DUIs reckless driving, and more over the years.

Justin Beiber

Justin has the smallest bail of the day at $2,500. He was arrested for racing his car under the influence. He understandably didn’t need the help of a bondsman and paid it out himself. We are surprised that a man of his wealth had such a small bail.

Max B.

Max is a rapper from Harlem and was arrested on the accusation of murdering 2 people. New York typically puts murderers on bail for a baseline million dollars, so it makes sense that Max received a $2 million price for bail. He posted the $2 million bail and was free during his trial. 

3 years later he was convicted and sentenced to 75 years in prison.

Aaron Hernandez

Hernandez was arrested as a prime suspect for the murder of two men in 2012. Law enforcement took him from his home, and a judge denied his request for bail. The evidence against him was outstanding. Due to the severe nature of the crimes he committed he was not granted bail.

There are many reasons a person can be denied bail, it usually has to do with the severity of the crime or if the accused is a flight risk. People with a lot of power and money are typically large flight risks and it is not uncommon to see their racquet for bail denied, just like Hernandez. Not even his celebrity status as a pro football player could save him there.

Delta Bail For A Celebrity Status Dallas Bail Bondsman

We can get you out of jail so fast you’d think you were a celebrity. While most of these celebrities are wealthy enough to post their bail without the help of a bondsman, we are here to help those who can’t pay their bail or who see the financial benefits of requesting the help of a bail bond.

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Celebrities Out On Bail

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