Bail is a process where someone arrested can be released from jail while they await their trial. There are many factors that go into whether or not bail will be granted, and the bail application process can be confusing and overwhelming. But, understanding bail and the bail application process is essential for anyone who might find themselves or a loved one in jail.

How does the bail application process work?

When you are arrested, you will be taken to a bail hearing where a judge will decide if you are eligible for bail and how much bail will be set. The judge will consider many factors when making this decision, including the severity of the crime you are accused of, your criminal history, and whether or not you are a flight risk. If bail is granted, you will then be able to post bail and be released from jail until your trial.

If you cannot post bail, you will remain in jail until your trial.

Start those “bail near me” searches as quickly as you can. The sooner you find a reputable agency, the faster you’ll have your freedom. At Delta Bail Bonds, our application process is very simple. You, your family member, or a co-signer will make the call and wait for us to respond.

A series of short forms are required. These include a co-signer form, an indemnification agreement, and payment authorization. 

What Is a Co-Signer, and why might I need one for the bail process?

A co-signer is someone who agrees to be financially responsible for another person’s debt if they default on a loan. In the context of bail, a co-signer provides a guarantee to the court that the defendant will show up for their court date.

The co-signer is responsible for paying the full bail if the defendant does not appear in court. There are a few reasons why someone might need a co-signer for bail.

First, the defendant may not have enough money to post bail on their own. Second, the defendant may have a history of skipping court dates, which makes them at a higher risk for failure to appear. Third, the defendant may be from out of state and/or have no ties to the community, which makes them more likely to flee before their court date.

What Types of Information Should a Cosigner Provide When Agreeing to Help With Bail?

When cosigning for bail, you will need to provide your full name, current address, and phone number. You will also need your date of birth and Social Security number.

Additional information may include credit and personal references. By providing this information, you are agreeing to be financially responsible for the defendant if they fail to appear in court or meet the conditions of their release.

What Is an Indemnification Agreement when applying with a bail bonds agency, and What Is in It?

An indemnification agreement is a legally binding contract between two parties, in which one party agrees to protect the other party from any losses arising from a specified event. When bail bond agencies require applicants to sign an indemnification agreement, they are essentially asking the applicant to agree to financially reimburse the bail agency if the defendant fails to appear in court or absconds bail.

The bail agency will typically require the Indemnitor (the person signing the agreement) to post collateral, such as a deed to property or cash, to ensure that they will be able to repay the bail agency if needed.

Indemnification agreements are not insurance policies, and they do not guarantee that the bail agency will be repaid—they simply provide the bail agency with another source of funds should the defendant fail to appear in court.

Can You Pay by Credit Card?

Yes, paying for bail near me is as simple as using a credit card. You will only need a few details to get this going over the phone. These include:

  • The 16-digit credit card number
  • The expiration date of the card
  • The CVV number (a three-digit code usually on the back of the card near the signature line)

Paying by credit often speeds along the process of obtaining you or your loved one an early release. If you have any further questions about “bail near me” solutions in the McKinney or Dallas areas, give us a call today. Delta Bail Bonds is a company that has helped families cope with the stressors of being arrested and obtaining bail for more than 30 years, and we can make this process go as smoothly as possible so you can start putting the pieces back together.

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