One question we often get here at Delta Bail Bonds is, can I remain anonymous when posting bail? You’ve certainly got cause to be concerned about it. Just recently, bail scams hit Oregonians and turned up in the press.

No one wants to be targeted like that. And while some will tell you that you can’t remain anonymous, the short answer is actually yes, you can. (But with one major consideration.) The Court is going to need a name and person to return the bond to once the court date has been successfully completed.

If you’re going directly through the Court, that name and address are going to be yours. But using a bail bondsman grants you protection from this. In the following article, we discuss all the ways hiring one to help with your case will act as a safeguard for your privacy.

1. Data Protection

Data security is an important issue in the bail bond community. Bondsmen don’t face the same legal requirements with client protection as, say, attorneys or healthcare workers. But the good ones treat your info with the same degree of respect. This means safeguarding your contact and financial information.

There are two ways of doing this: physical file protection and cybersecurity. With physical file protection, the bondsman will keep your information in a safe or locked filing cabinet. They might also use an offsite storage service to add an extra layer of security.

Cybersecurity steps might include cloud storage for electronic files, two-factor authentication for any software programs that store customer data, and encryption for email communications. All of it is necessary in our increasingly data-driven world.

2. Anonymity

When you work with a bail bondsman, you can remain anonymous if you wish. The only people who will know your name are the bail agent and the court. Your name will not appear on any public records associated with the case. This is important because public records are subject to freedom of information requests.

That may not be a big issue if it’s a small case. However, larger cases often result in an influx of requests from television stations and newspapers or websites. Having your name attached to those documents can create unwanted attention. 

3. Bypassing Courts System

The Courts system has many moving parts, many defendants, and many potentials for distraction. The result is not getting the kind of individualized attention you might want or need.

When you work with a bail bondsman, you get one-on-one service. The bail agent can answer all your questions, provide support and advice, and help you navigate the system. This is especially important if you’ve never been through the process before.

That’s because you’re starting out cold with no sense of who to contact for this question or that. Bail agents have forged relationships with the Courts system, and they know who you need to talk to to get answers. By using them to bypass the system altogether, you’re further reducing the possibility of creating a traceable public record.

Furthermore, they can help you get out of jail faster. This comes from knowing the process, procedures, and contacts.

4 Keeps the Arrestees Case From Blowing Up

Some cases stay small unless a more familiar name comes into the equation. Let’s say that your family member or friend committed a low-level felony. They’ve been arrested, and the media normally wouldn’t care. But someone with the local newspaper going through reports notices that the person is bailed out by you, a respected business owner.

They start digging for a connection. Pretty soon, that aggravated assault on a household family member turns into a story (and bad press for you). This is yet another way that using a bail bondsman helps protect privacy. First, they protect your privacy by ensuring your name never gets to the media. Secondly, they protect the arrestee’s information by keeping a case the media normally wouldn’t be interested in from getting any bigger.

Privacy Matters Throughout the Bail Bonds Process

Getting arrested does not lend itself to privacy, but using a bail bondsman can protect the information of the person posting the bond. It can also ensure that data is kept safe from public disclosures and, thus, keep the case from being any bigger of a deal than it already is.Customers have entrusted their data to Delta Bail Bonds for many years, and we have always taken that trust seriously. If discretion and reliability are things you’re looking for in a bail bonds agency, look no further. Contact us today to let us help you with your case.

Bail Bonds and Privacy: How Working With a Bondsman Protects It

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