If you’re a fan of true crime podcasts, you might have been keeping up with the case of Adnan Sayed, whose case was featured on the first season of the podcast Serial. His case was recently revisited, ultimately leading to Sayed having his conviction vacated. Since then, true crime podcasts have surged in popularity and have become one of the most popular topics for podcasts to focus on. If you’re a true crime junkie and are looking to expand that interest into a podcast, Delta Bail Bonds has you covered! Keep reading to discover some of our favorite true crime podcasts.


Serial was one of the first true crime podcasts to gain widespread popularity, and its success lead to the case that its first season spotlighted- Adnan Sayed- received more legal attention than it had seen in decades. If you enjoyed Hulu’s show Only Murders In The Building, you will love Serial, as many of the core elements of the fictional show, which centers around true crime podcasts itself, seem to have been inspired by this podcast. Serial focuses on a new case each season and discusses specific aspects of the story episodically. The host, Sarah Koenig, explains the case to the audience as she investigates it, giving the podcast a very narrative feel rather than conversationalist. This podcast is great for listeners who like to completely dive into a story and devote time to all the details involved.

My Favorite Murder

For those of you looking for a podcast with more of a comedic and social aspect, My Favorite Murder is one you should check out. Hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, each episode is devoted to a new story that the hosts find interesting, with a healthy dose of comedy thrown in. Some cases they discuss are submitted by their listeners, so the audience is very much engaged in the podcast’s topics and content. Like Serial, his podcast has also developed a loyal fanbase and risen in popularity over the last couple of years- the hosts were recently touring recently, and they have also released a book that doubles as a memoir as well as a further look into the world of true crime. 

Morbid: A True Crime Podcast

Aunt-niece duo Alaina Kelly and Ash Urquhart started this podcast to discuss dark and creepy topics, often surrounding their local area around Boston. Their familiarity with the Bay Area gives them a unique perspective on each of their scary stories, and the entire podcast has a casual familial feel to it because of the familiarity between the hosts. The lighthearted approach the girls take to the scary stories each episode focuses on is what gives Morbid its signature, well, morbid vibe. If you’re looking for something that feels like simply having a creepy conversation with likeminded friends, Morbid is the podcast for you.

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3 True Crime Podcasts To Check Out

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