Started Fall with a Crime? Get Out of the Dallas County Jail Quicky

It is officially fall and maybe you got a little too excited about the seasons changing. Maybe you snuck into a cemetery after visiting hours or maybe you stuffed some spooky decorations into your coat pocket at the store. Although these might seem like minor offenses, you can get into some serious trouble. If you have been arrested in Dallas and are taken to the Dallas County Jail, Delta Bail Bonds can grant you a speedy release. Our bondsmen work around the clock to get you home quickly and safely.

Which Crime Is Popular in the Fall?

According to a study done by the U.S. Department of Justice, some crimes have seasonal patterns. Based on the findings, motor vehicle theft, burglary, and violent victimization (rape, sexual assault, aggravated assault, simple assault, robbery) are more common during the summer and fall months. If you or a loved one has been arrested for any of these crimes, get in touch with Delta Bail Bonds right away. People deserve a good defense team for trial. When we bail you out, you have the opportunity to find the best lawyer in town and have the freedom to meet with them as needed.

What Happens When Arrested at the Dallas County Jail?

When authorities detain you at the Dallas County Jail, they will take your fingerprints, and your mugshot, and collect any belongings on you. You will be assigned a cell and an arraignment date. At this court date, you will face the judge and they will let you know what you are being convicted of. They will also decide if you are eligible for bail.

There are many factors that influence your ability to qualify. Some of these factors include your flight risk, your criminal record, and the severity of the crime you are being convicted of. If the judge doesn’t think you will run away or believes that you aren’t a threat to those around you, you have a high chance of qualifying for bail.

Why a Bail Bond Is the Way to Go

The judge usually sets a high bail amount. If you want to pay for it on your own, you need to pay it all upfront in cash. No checks, credit cards, or partial payments. Many people can’t afford to pay for it, so they get the help of a bondsman. 

You only need to pay a small percentage of the bail amount to secure a bail bond with us. We will cover the rest. As long as you follow the bail rules, such as showing up to all of the court hearings and restricting travel, you will be able to get the money back.

Delta Bail Bonds Can Help

If you or a loved one is detained at the Dallas County Jail, don’t hesitate to call Delta Bail Bonds right away. We have dealt with all kinds of convictions, throughout every season. If you accidentally started off the fall season with a crime, let’s get you a speedy release so you can build your defense team for trial!

Citizen’s Arrest Explained

You have probably heard the term citizen’s arrest before, and although it sounds pretty self-explanatory, the verbiage can produce a foggy understanding. What a citizen’s arrest does not do is grant the power of a peace officer to a civilian. For example, a citizen making an arrest cannot search or interrogate the perpetrator. Let’s take a look at what a citizen’s arrest entails and the legal restrictions of the process in Texas.

What Is a Citizen’s Arrest?

In plain terms, a citizen’s arrest is the temporary detainment of a person who has committed a crime in the presence of the citizen who is making the arrest. The only purpose of the citizen making the arrest is to temporarily detain the perpetrator until police arrive. This often involves the use of some force such as tackling and subduing the offender.

Is a Citizen’s Arrest Legal?

The short answer is yes, citizen’s arrests are legal. However, there are certain guidelines that one must follow in attempting to carry one out. Texas Penal Code 14.01 (a) states that any person may, without a warrant, arrest an offender when the offense is committed in his presence or within his view, if the offense is one classed as a felony or as an offense against the public peace. 

Therefore, as long as you are around when the crime took place and the crime was serious enough, you can make a citizen’s arrest. Because of this, misdemeanors such as some traffic violations and disorderly conduct would not constitute as serious enough for a citizen’s arrest. This also means that if you were to hear about a crime from another source and attempt to make a citizen’s arrest, you would be outside of your rights to do so. 

Citizen’s Arrest Procedure

If you have witnessed a serious crime and believe that making a citizen’s arrest is necessary, you should follow these guidelines.The first thing you should do is determine if you can make the arrest in a safe way. Once you decide that it is safe to make the arrest, inform the offender that you are making a citizen’s arrest. Next, detain the offender and wait for police to arrive. It is imperative that you only make a citizen’s arrest when absolutely necessary as you are putting yourself in harm’s way. Remember that this is a police matter and they are better equipped to handle the situation than you are. If you make a citizen’s arrest, you should also be aware that legal consequences may follow so be sure that you are doing it for the right reasons. A false citizen’s arrest can lead to more harm than good. 

Know Your Rights With Delta Bail Bonds

It’s important to know your rights. Whether you are making a citizen’s arrest or you have just had your arraignment, having a plan is always the best thing you can do. Whatever your situation, Delta Bail Bonds can get you or your family out of jail and back home to await trial. Contact us if you are in the Dallas or McKinney area and we can bail you out fast!

How Does Being a Flight Risk Affect Bail?

You may have heard the term “flight risk” if you’ve watched any amount of law-and-order or courtroom movies. While the term comes up frequently, you may be wondering exactly what it means and how that designation is determined.

What Is a Flight Risk?

Flight risk is a designation given to someone who is considered likely to flee the city/state/country to avoid criminal prosecution. The term is usually assigned by a court after an individual has been accused of a crime.

How Is Flight Risk Determined?

A judge will make the decision of whether or not the individual on trial is a flight risk by weighing several factors. One of the factors that judges look for are family or community ties in the area. If a person has responsibilities such as caring for a family or managing a church group, they are less likely to be considered flight risks. On a similar note, if a person can prove that they are employed in the area, the court will view them as unlikely to abandon their job. 

A determining factor that people may be unaware of is how wealthy the person on trial is. The more financially successful a person is, the higher the chance that they will be considered a flight risk. With more money comes more opportunities to leave the area, making the possibility of skipping out on court more likely. One of the most important factors that a judge will look at in determining your flight risk is your record of attendance at court or past flight. Obviously, if you have a history of fleeing or failure to appear in court, the possibility of you receiving the flight risk designation will increase.

Flight Risk and Bail

One of the most important factors in determining the amount of bail or whether it will even be granted is if a person is considered a flight risk. If someone receives this designation, it is likely that they will see a much higher bail amount. Obviously, the court wants to keep this person around for a trial, so sometimes bail will be denied to ensure that they stay in the area. Previously stated, if you have a history of fleeing or failing to show up to court, you will probably be held on a short leash if you are ever arrested again. This is why it is so imperative to get appropriate legal counsel, show up to your court hearings, and follow all guidelines given to you by a court. A past instance of flight can tarnish your reputation with courts around the country and can cost you a significant amount of money in the long run. This is because, on the slim chance that you are granted bail, you will have to pay much higher due to your likelihood to flee.

 Let Delta Bail Bonds Get You Back Home

Don’t await your trial from prison. Because of the presumption of innocence, you have the right to await trial from your own home, where you can provide for yourself and your family. Contact us here so we can help you post bail and get back home!

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