How to Stay Out of Trouble When Out On Bail

If you require bail, there are several things you should not do until you are free. The main thing is to stay in touch with your bondsman. Let them know about any changes in your status or anything that happens while they hold your agreement.

Make Smart Decisions

When you are out on bail, the last thing you want is another arrest. If you have a certain set of friends or relatives that are a bad influence in your life, let them know you will be keeping your distance for a period. While it may seem like a hard thing to do, in the end staying away from illegal activities can only help you stay out of trouble.

Live A Clean Lifestyle

Drugs and alcohol are a recipe for disaster. They influence your decisions and can cause you to make bad choices. If you run into trouble while on bail, you most likely will not have the option to go home this time, and unfortunately, a judge will probably look less favorably on your case. Resist the urge and tell your friends and family you are staying clean while out on bail.

Be Honest With Your Attorney

Your attorney needs to know the truth to build the best case possible for your situation. He  needs to know all of the important details in order to present the case properly before the court. Any dishonesty you tell your attorney can complicate the situation further, making an the situation even worse.

Keep Scheduled Court Appearances

Failing to show up for your scheduled court date is skipping bail. You can also skip bail if you leave town without permission. Once you skip bail, the local court will issue a warrant for your arrest. A bail enforcement agent, also known as a bounty hunter, will then come to find you and bring you in. If anyone put up collateral for your bail, you will most likely lose it because of your failure to appear.

If there is a legitimate reason why you cannot appear in court at your scheduled time, call the bail bondsman immediately. They may be able to negotiate a compromise on your behalf. If possible, it is better to notify them ahead of time rather than just skipping your date.

Get Permission Before Travelling

Travel may not be allowed during the time you are on bond. The best way to find out is by communicating with your bondsman and attorney. They should be able to let you know the details of your agreement, and whether it is acceptable to travel. It is better to be honest and let them know, rather than trying to sneak away. Sneaking around causes distrust and will only make the situation worse.

Delta Bail Bonds Can Help

A bail agreement is a serious commitment. Once you create a lack of trust, it is hard to earn it back. It is better to be in constant communication with your bond agent to avoid a messy situation. If you or a loved one are in need of bail, contact Delta Bail Bonds.

5 Reasons you Shouldn’t Represent Yourself in Court

Delta Bail Bonds is dedicated to helping defendants and their families cope with the aftermath of an arrest. That’s why we offer 24/7 bail bonds anywhere in the country, and our bail bondsmen are experienced enough to help you navigate the complicated legal system with ease. If you’re tight on cash and confident in your legal skills, you might feel like it’s a good idea to forgo hiring an attorney and represent yourself in court instead. Here are five reasons why it isn’t a good idea to represent yourself in court.

You’ll be up Against Professionals

No matter how confident you are in your own legal knowledge, you’re going to be at a huge disadvantage if you choose to represent yourself in court rather than hiring a professional. The prosecution is going to be equipped with talented attorneys who know how to take defendants down. Without a strong legal team by your side, you won’t stand a chance against these lawyers.

You Probably Lack the Legal Knowledge

Lawyers are professionally trained to do their jobs, which is a part of the reason why they can be so costly. You don’t have the years of law school training a professional lawyer does, which means you’re ill-qualified to represent yourself in court. Even if you think you can talk yourself out of a guilty verdict, you’re better off letting a professional attorney handle it for you.

It’s Impossible to Stay Objective

A part of an attorney’s job is to bring an objective point of view to the case. Not only does this help reduce tension and high emotions in the courtroom, but it also helps ensure that bias doesn’t impact your outcome. As the defendant, it’s impossible for you to represent yourself in a completely objective way. You might get angry or emotional when representing yourself, which will make you even less credible in the eyes of the judge and the court. Having an attorney at your side will help you curb your emotions and stay professional in the courtroom.

You’ll be Expected to Follow Court Protocol

Courtrooms have a very complex set of rules and courtesies you’ll be expected to follow, even if they aren’t explained to you. An attorney can educate you on these rules, but you’ll still have to follow them even if you’re representing yourself. If you don’t follow the right procedures, you could lose the respect of your judge and face consequences from the court.

You Have the Right to an Attorney

By law, you have the right to be represented by an attorney. Even if you can’t afford one, you’ll be assigned to a public defender. It’s better to use the resources available to you and give yourself the best shot at a good outcome by hiring an attorney to represent you in court.

Delta Bail Bonds is Here to Help

If you or your loved one is stuck in jail, Delta Bail Bonds can help. We’re available 24/7 to post bail anywhere in the country as soon as possible. Our talented bail bondsmen have years of experience helping people like you, and we’re here to offer our advice and help you navigate the legal system with ease. Call or visit our website to get started on the bail bond process with Delta Bail Bonds today!

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