Violent Offender Released Due to COVID-19 Murders Victim

The United States bail system is vital to offer bail opportunities to low income defendants while keeping dangerous suspects behind bars. Violent offenders are typically given a very high bail price or are denied the option of bail. In an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19 through jails, many offenders have been able to get out on reduced bail to lower their risk of being exposed to the virus. This was a failure of the bail system that allowed a violent offender out of jail and resulted in the murder of his victim.

Violent Inmate Released on Bail

Ibrahim E. Bouiachi was in a jail in Maryland after being charged with rape in October of 2019. He was also facing strangulation and abduction charges after being reported to the police by his victim, Karla Dominguez. Originally, he hadn’t had the opportunity to get out on bail. But his lawyers argued that forcing him to stay in jail would expose him and his legal team to COVID-19. After the date of the trial was pushed back due to the pandemic, Bouiachi was released on a $25,000 bail despite protests from the prosecution.

Suspect Murders Victim Outside her Home

Karla Dominguez accused Bouiachi of rape, strangulation, and abduction in October last year, leading to his arrest. Her violent ex-boyfriend was being held in a Maryland jail without possibility of bail, until he was released on May 11, 2020 due to COVID-19 concerns. On July 29, he fatally shot Karla outside of her Virginia home in the early morning hours. She was found dead with multiple gunshot wounds outside her apartment at about 6:20 AM. Bouiachi was found and chased by law enforcement until he crashed his vehicle, which gravely injured him. He was last cited to be in critical condition in a Virginia hospital. Karla Dominguez was native to Venezuela, where her family still lives. One of Karla’s close friends started a GoFundMe on August 3 to help her family with funeral costs after the tragedy.

Why was he Released?

Bouiachi wasn’t given the option of bail following his arrest. In fact, he was only granted bail after his lawyers argued that jail was a health risk to them and their client amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The prosecution raised serious concerns with the request, but he was still released on a $25,000 bail. Releasing inmates from jails is not the best option for public safety, especially if they weren’t given bail options before. High bail prices and denied bails are designed to keep violent offenders like Bouiachi in jail, and making bail more accessible to these offenders is bound to end poorly. In the case of Karla Dominguez, her life was taken because her attacker’s health was a greater priority to the court than her safety.

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